A letter from the founders

We founded MOY with a simple idea. That is, there must be something better. Bored of eating tasteless, cheap products from the supermarket. And tired of paying a fortune for each gram at specialty shops, we knew there must be another way.

The road to a healthier, happier future.

We wanted mouth-watering mango. We wanted nuts that knocked our socks off. And we didn’t want to pay a fortune for it. So we went on a journey to figure out how we could offer premium products at fair prices.

The magic sauce: premium products, prettier prices.

We started by individually sourcing each of our products. Taste testing to find the absolute best. Fighting our way through an often complex, unclear path to the farmers themselves.

Cutting out unnecessary middlemen who rack up prices. Selling online and in bulk to cut costs. And that’s how we can offer such exceptional products at truly reasonable prices.

Eat good. Feel good. Do good.

Fast forward to today, and we have a growing family of products full of flavor, vitamins, nutrients, minerals, and personality.

Our products aren’t stuffed with sugar. Or packed with preservatives. So not only are they tasty, but they will leave you feeling good all day long. More than that, our packaging and delivery are CO2 neutral. That means, when you make your morning porridge with MOY, you can start the day knowing you’ve already done something good for yourself and the world around you.

High five! Meet Team

We like to think of each of our products as part of what we call Team MOY. A team who works hard each and every day to keep you feeling happy and healthy. As we like to say: a MOY a day keeps the doctor away.

Welcome to our team,
Jakob & Tadas